The ecosystem is growing: new companies

The world of new innovative companies is constantly changing, this is what emerges from the last survey (dated July 2014) Registry of the Start Up held by the Chambers of Commerce.

Increased sharply the neo-companies present on the Italian territory which now amounted to 2.392, just three months ago were not even two thousand, visible sign of the new Start Up with the cards in order to enroll in the registry are born.

Most of the new Italian companies (522) regarded as the basic elements for the recovery of the country, have their headquarters in England. Closely followed Emilia Romagna, with 266 Innovative Start Up, and Lazio with 224. In the final position you can see the Val d’Aosta, with only nine companies in total.

If you evaluate the overall nature of the company, S.r.l. is the one that is the most, since there are about 2.303, of which 239 in simplified form. Cooperatives are 46, which is a co-op society. While today there are only 42 public limited companies.

The value of production of new firms emphasizes encouraging data recovery and development, 25 are the Start Up that, despite the few years of life have already reached and surpassed one million euro. As a result of multiple and various reality with a turnover already important, there are many neo-companies that provide a good opportunity for employment: 41 are the Start Up that offer employment to more than ten people and 6 who a staff that share exceeds 20.

The Register of Innovative Start Up adds two more interesting classifications. The first concerns the 60 new businesses in social vocation, less than those found at the end of June, when he counted 71. Another distinction concerns the Start Up Green-called “high-value technology in the energy sector,” the registry indicates well 305, demonstrating that the sensitivity of the ecosystem to the issues of sustainability is very high and continues to grow.

Source: EconomyUp

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