Code of Ethics

The success of TransTec Services is based on its correct company policy and on the principle of transparency, adopted with regards to all Stakeholders, such as: Employees, Coworkers, Customers, Suppliers, Public Administration, End User, etc..

This Code of Ethics is used in order to clearly define all the principles and values on which the integrity of the company is based. It consists of several parts whose content is summarized below:

Introduction and scope

The first point describes the conditions of the Code of Ethics, its beneficiaries and the obligations to be carried out.

General principles

The second point describes several principles, such as the responsibility, the fairness, the confidentiality, the behaviors that must be observed both within the company and externally towards public and private stakeholders.

Internal policies 

The third point describes TransTec Services’ behavioral principles with regards to its resources employed with regular contracts, in respect of the dignity of workers and of their fundamental principles.

Administration, health, safety and environment

The fourth point describes the principles, duties and transparency that have to be followed in the various administrative procedures.

Moreover, this point highlights the policies relating to the safeguard of health and safety of workers and of the environment.

System of sanctions

The fifth point describes the system of sanctions to be applied in case of any violation of the Code of Ethics.

Implementation and communication

This point confirms the acceptance of the code and ensures its communication to the beneficiaries.

The Principles and the provisions of this Code of Ethics are addressed, without any exception, to:

  • The director and the members of the company;
  • All TransTec Services’ workers, independently from the place in which they operate;
  • All external employees and partners with which contractual relations, including occasional and/or merely temporary, are held, and generally, with all partners with which business activities and business relationships are maintained within the context of the various relationships involving TransTec Services.

It is believed that this Code of Ethics is an essential element for the model of organization, management and monitoring adopted by TransTec Services.

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