Internet of Things

To support current social changes, economic growth, Europe needs to turn increasingly toward open systems and platforms that require a need for cooperation between different key actors, such as industry, research institutions and government agencies; this cooperation between their integrates telecommunications with the hardware and software development, and the creation of new services. The Internet of Things can create and foster the development of platforms that connect to each other smart objects, integrate the next generation of devices, networks, software, interfaces and other innovations, acting in a cross between the integration of intelligent systems, Cyber-Physical systems, Big Data, Cloud and several ICT technologies, such as nano-electronics, systems and adaptive cognitive, etc .. . On this issue of the Internet of Things, the European Commission published, as part of the work program 2015 of Horizon 2020, a new call to finance projects that create ecosystems for “connection smart objects”.

Deadline: 04/14/2015; the co-financing rate for proposals in the research and innovation actions is: 100% for all legal entities.

For proposals in the research and innovation actions, you will be required to develop new concepts both in terms of architecture and of semantic interoperability of platform for connecting smart objects, covering most cases but keeping satisfied those specific requirements such as security, dependability, cognition and prioritised event processing.

Proposals requesting a Large contribution are expected, therefore for the construction of the Consortium and the request for funding, you will have to consider the possibility of involvement of third parties, but also users and providers that may have a financial support between 50,000.00 and € 150,000.00; maximum of 30% of EU funding requested in the proposal, can be allocated for this purpose.

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