IBM tip on IT security, acquisition CrossIdeas

IBM has announced the completion of its acquisition of CrossIdeas, a company specializing in software and security solutions. In the light of increasing government regulation and new security threats become more sophisticated, companies require innovative solutions to provide greater transparency and information on operational risks. Headquartered in Rome, CrossIdeas helps business organizations to manage identities and access to applications by bridging the gap between compliance, business and IT infrastructure, reducing the risk of fraud and conflicts between tasks and errors.

Brendan Hannigan, general manager, IBM Security Systems, said, “The integration of CrossIdeas enhances our capabilities in the area of Identity and Access Management that we are leading in terms of marketshare. IBM can now provide companies with the best features of governance and transparency towards risk, from production to the room of the Board of Directors, providing them with the knowledge necessary to protect the brand and its customers.”

With this acquisition, IBM strengthens its position in the market for cyber-security, which is assessed by experts 28 billion dollars during the first half of 2014 the company recorded a 20% increase in the business of security software. Over time, the company has implemented the research in these areas, reaching 15 billion monitor daily events related to safety in more than 130 countries and holds more than 3.000 patents in the field. Over the years, IBM has acquired among other things, a dozen specialized companies, such as Trusteer, Guardium, Big Fix, Watchfire and Internet Security Systems. With the purchase in 2011 of Q1 Labs was born Securiry Systems division in 2012 and the Security Services division, which has 4 thousand customers around the world.

CrossIdeas is able to extend IBM’s leadership in innovation, in services and in the area of security software. During the last ten years, IBM has made over a dozen acquisitions in the sector by investing in a more extended activity research and development, the mix of organic innovation and technology acquired from IBM helps customers protect against more advanced threats and manage risk in an era of unprecedented technological change.”

You will notice a next generation approach to mitigate the risks associated with access and violations in the allocation of tasks, business-oriented and able to provide an integrated administration and management to 360 degrees within the user’s time organization.

lberto Eyespot, CEO of CrossIdeas, said “We are excited to become part of IBM’s why our solution Ideas, technologically innovative, is complementary to their portfolio of Identity and Access Management. We are proud to contribute to the growth of IBM in the IT security market worldwide. The integration of the innovative features of corporate governance of CrossIdeas in the portfolio of IBM will be accelerated by the partnership between the two companies. Taking part in the program Ready for IBM Security Intelligence, CrossIdeas enables IBM customers to apply technologies for integrated access governance and management of the user lifecycle by leveraging Isim, the portfolio in the IBM Security Identity Management. Customers who rely on Isim can now quickly introduce the ability to manage access with minimal changes to their environments.”

Fonte: Corriere delle Comunicazioni

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