Ericsson acquires MetraTech

Ericsson has reached an agreement for the acquisition of the American MetraTech Corp., a company that provides solutions for the purchase, payment and billing based on metadata, adaptable to different business models and industries. The company will extend its billing solutions for the enterprise market in transport and utilities; the acquisition will include the transfer of all 140 employees and contractors, including a team of highly skilled software experts, and will serve to expand the presence of Ericsson in the United States.

Explained in a note by Ericsson “The acquisition focuses on the unique requirements to support new patterns of global trade and profit, driven by business models of the Internet of Things and Everything as a Service. Ericsson improve their skills to support customers, partners and suppliers in various industries, allowing an acceleration in the creation and supply of new value-added services.Customers will be able to create agreements fluids, custom and in many quarters, to meet the needs of the business. This possibility is particularly important for industries that are going through a transformation of its technology or business model.”

For industries, grow in Networked Society means having the ability to quickly support new revenue models and change strategies at the same speed with which the evolving needs of customers and partners, billing solutions based on metadata MetraTech will enable Ericsson to consolidate its leadership in an increasingly connected world and in constant development.

“Since its founding, MetraTech has relied on a platform based on metadata and valid for any type of industry, in order to enable an innovative monetization of products and services on a broad base of customers,” said Scott Swartz, founder and CEO of MetraTech, “the rich portfolio of services to Ericsson and his vision of the Networked Society integrate perfectly with our idea of allowing customers operating in different sectors to transform their business. We are excited to carry on the work of innovative MetraTech as part of Ericsson to continue with further updates of our advanced solutions for monetization.”

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