Heat and cool with the sun

Solar Cooling and Solar Heating has been the themes of the technical conference held in Pistoia on 6 March, in which TransTec Services has participated as consulting services provider which offers targeted consultancies dedicated to energy saving.

Many experts of the sector have given their own contribute at the side of the main institutions: ENEA and CTI, which have shown the plants which will be implemented together with the main aspects of the legislation on energy saving and incentive pricing.

Thanks to the participation of our consultants, which follow the energy sector, TransTec Services has had the opportunity to relate itself with the major national institutions in the energy sector increasing its know-how and its wealth of incentives, widening the offer and the quality of the evaluations on energy saving and consultancies offered to its clients.

Solar Cooling and Solar Heating, which TransTec Services offers to its client, are one of the technologies that today permit the sun exploiting during the months in which there is a greater availability of this free source, allowing a considerable saving of electric energy that in the summer months present the major absorption peaks.


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