Equity Crowdfunding: risks and opportunities

On Monday 12th it will take place at the headquarters of ComoNExT (Science and Technology Park of Lomazzo), the conference “Equity Crowdfunding: risks and opportunities for innovative Start Up.”

The meeting organized by ComoNExT is dedicated to illustrate the various alternative financing opportunities for innovative Start Up offered by crowdfunding and legislation recently introduced, will be led by the lawyers Paola Alvisi and Emilio Girino of Studio Ghidini, Girino and associates, by Matthew Piras Starsup (portal for the online collection of risk capital by innovative Start-Ups).

The conference will start at 17.15 and will focus on a variety of subjects: the question of the public offering of units/shares of Innovative Start Up will be addressed as well as the corporate structure of srl and the participations and protection of know-how and industrial property rights.

Source: pmi.it

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