Smart Energy: ANIE Renewable

A new boost to the Technology sector for renewably energy generation comes from the National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Equipment (ANIE).

On the sixth of May the new project of aggregation for the industrial sector of renewable energy was illustrated: ANIE Renewable.

The major manufactures of components and turnkey plants for the production of energy from solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and mini-hydraulic plants will be part of the association; the companies interested in promoting the construction of plants aimed at the production energy from renewable sources both in Italy and abroad; the promoters of new technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources .

The President of Anie said: “This operation will allow us to grasp the potential of all new technologies , which aroused in the wake of the great development of renewable, are actually today perfectly integrated in a balanced system and are an asset for the whole country”.

Up to now more than 1200 member companies are part of Confindustria Anie, that employs nearly 425,000 employees.

A sector, the electrical Engineering and Electronics , which is one of the most strategic and advanced among the Italian industrial sectors, with a combined turnover of 63 billion euro (of which 29 billions of exports).


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