WE-Women for Expo 2015

The theme of Expo Milano 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is projected to define a rethinking and rebalancing of global resources, a focus on the significant nutritional value of food and new perspectives on environmental protection, with the goal of embracing a development of fully sustainable.

Women play a key role representing a formidable engine of growth and change in the world.

WE-Women for Expo is an initiative of Expo Milano 2015 created in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Arnoldo and Alberto Mondadori Foundation. The project will speak of environmental resources focusing attention on the woman and the feminine culture as custodian of the great traditions, practices and knowledge. A large network of women from all over the world: writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and ordinary people of every language, culture and continent, will deal with the issues of nutrition and environmental resources by proposing to build a new future for the generations to come in terms of economy, sustainability, and environmental protection.
Sharing, various narrative forms, new styles and perspectives to create new business models that will help to identify “best practices” for a new world organization of production and technology.

Source: expo2015.org

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