Interview with Claudia Simon for NeWage

It’s available the on-line interview with Claudia Simon, TransTec Services CEO, exclusively for NeWage.

On April 28, TransTec Services has participated at the conference on “Accessible and Sustainable Tourism”, at the Hall Mercede of the House of Representatives, illustrating “ParkAbility” and “VERSuS”, innovative services that have attracted the focus on NeWage, involved in the social issues and promoter of the City Award-Future.

“ParkAbility”: a project born from the idea to create a new service of info-mobility with the goal to improve and enhance the accessibility of disabled people within cities, provinces and regions.
“VEtRofania Smart Services” (Versus): the project implements a service aimed at monitoring and controlling the regularity of specific commercial structures (Travel agencies and Tourism) through the software application Link4view based on the recognition of 2-D images (Augmented Print).

The interview with Claudia Simon is available on the website NeWage.

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