VMware, the “cloud” becomes liquid

Between San Francisco and Barcelona, where in August and October respectively VMware presents annually to market their innovations on the front of the virtualization systems, the top management of the branch tricolor met the press to illustrate the new range of suites and products to be integrated into the strategy global group, suggesting liquid solutions, rather than hybrid.

Alberto Bullani, VMware Italy Regional Manager, said: “We believe that in a world of increasingly rapid evolution in business, to the point of being able to be defined liquid, serve as instruments to accompany this continuous transformation. Until not too long ago businesses were built to last for years, now are made to keep changing skin. And it is for this reason that in view of the large investments in VMware hardware show more and more of their limitations, as the hardware becomes obsolete quickly. The future for us all to play on CPU and RAM, or on computational power and memory. Just so you can ensure maximum flexibility to deal with workloads that change from day to day”.

To date, there are three pillars on which rests the proposition of VMware: end user computing, software-defined networking and hybrid cloud. But in Barcelona will be officially presented also offer as a service provider, already active in the USA and in the UK and ready to be extended in other European markets, starting with Germany and Spain. “While in Italy – said Bullani – activate the service in the course of 2015, with machines and personnel included in VMware server farm of some partners, with whom in any case we do not intend to compete: it is a different shade of supply”.

Luca Zerminiani, Presales manager of VMware Italy, he first presented Ages: Rail, appliance for hyper-converged infrastructure that allows you to create virtual machine server 100 and 230 desktop virtual machine through an installation which only lasts 15 minutes and without having need advanced computer skills. The system is scalable up to four times, is the extreme evolution of the Vblock solution, the converged infrastructure that VMware has developed together with Cisco and EMC. “In this case – said Zerminiani – the customer has to do with a product developed by a single vendor, instead of three. The solution is already available, while Ages: Rack, the platform will also integrate the software-defined data center, will arrive shortly”.

In terms of software defined data center, Vio (VMware Integrated OpenStack) allows you to deploy OpenStack cloud with tools on top of VMware. “We see great potential in open solutions, but often require specific skills to be managed,” said Zerminiani. “With Vio we offer users a set of quality ingredients to facilitate the integration of the framework.” Alongside Vio was also presented NSX 6.1, with new virtualization capabilities of networking that deliver real micro-segmentation of the network, beyond the concept of perimeter protection system to the benefit of data security.

Another innovation is represented by vRealize Suite, which effectively unifies VMware solutions dedicated to the automation cloud, cloud to cloud operations and business management. “But it’s not just this” Luca Zerminiani said. “The process of integration of the real software requires the establishment of a roadmap for parallel and shared between the three instruments. Among other things, the suite also opens to the physical world, so much so that it was necessary to modify the mechanism of licensing, switching from mode to the CPU Osi (operating system instance) and foreshadowing experience as a service as well as the use on premise”.

Source: Corriere delle Comunicazioni

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