Unusual alliances among the big of ICT

Important operations and strategic decisions which are worth billions of dollars, can quickly move the balance, energize the ICT industry: Apple, Google and Microsoft aim to climb to the top of the world stock market capitalization and increase more and more of their capital.

Apple and IBM exceed their historic rivalry (begun in the 80s) and team up to promote organic and structured use of smartphones and tablets into the corporate world; in the meantime, Apple rejoices for the results achieved with the penetration of the iPhone in the Chinese market and provides new benefits for its shareholders in 2015. Even IBM big goals to achieve but to do so must play especially on cutting costs: revenue, due to the passage of many less profitable customers to cloud services, are subject to now already nine quarters to a slow and steady erosion.

The card costs, however, accompanied by a good increase in revenue, is also carried out by Microsoft has announced that the cut of 18 thousand employees overall and want to move towards a deep and real refocusing of the business portfolio to become a “mobile -first, cloud-first company”.

Mobile and Cloud are the two absolute terms to describe all developments and adjustments in the ICT field, as well as engines of economic disruption in many other fields. The ability to access the mobile Internet has grown enormously and in a few years, companies such as Apple and Samsung, putting pressure on other important companies such as Nokia and BlackBerry. He strongly affected PC sales underestimating the previous monopoly position of Microsoft and Intel then forced to undertake new strategies and made it difficult for other leading companies such as HP, Dell and Sony. The life cycle of smartphones and tablets seems to have started toward saturation, companies are adapting to this new context, thinking of new smart devices to revive the market, targeting different market segments and new geo-political areas and business.

The spread of cloud computing and the lowering of prices of impacting server in the corporate sector, where they show new players alongside the more traditional ones such as IBM, HP, Cisco, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.
It is a market that should be flocking, the expectation that the transition to the cloud (either in full or hybrid) is gaining increasing ground and spread the model of sharing economy through which businesses can take advantage of outsourced alternative.

Microsoft reveals the company who rides most of the cloud phenomenon, having as adversaries Amazon, Google, Verizon, and VMware. A large and ever-changing situation in which for the moment has not created fallen in value, also for the ability of companies to restructure and set new ovbiettivi, will mark an increasingly dynamic ICT environment and the entry of new players in the game.

Source: Corriere delle Comunicazioni

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