The experience of Electric Mobility in Rome

In recent years we are witnessing a remarkable development of new management systems “Sustainable Mobility”, this new and strong attention to environmental issues is mainly due to excessive use of private vehicles and all possible negative consequences that it could implicitly involve such as: air pollution, noise, accidents and congestion. In this context, we can all policies and measures oriented to the compatibility of transportation, where surely the incentive of electric mobility draws a fundamental role.

At light of these considerations, Rome chooses for his future “sustainable development”and, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, launched numerous initiatives aimed not only to Roman citizens but also to city users. The new proposals aim to environmental clean up of the capital and the reduction of traffic, hope for deployment, including cultural, new forms of alternative mobility: bike sharing, car sharing, electric mobility and inter-modality between them and the transport of iron that already exist.

About car sharing, the city provides service thanks to 120 cars and 80 positions, but it is in project the enlargement of the service in many municipalities, thanks to the doubling of the workstations and the tripling of the cars available. And ‘intention of municipal governments to introduce, in the wake of the Paris car sharing, more zero-emission cars, powered by an electric motor, which will increasingly emphasize in the face “green” of the service offered to the Romans and city users

The infrastructure at the service of electric cars are today represented by 102 columns on the territory of the city, soon it will reach another 200, to give life to a network of recharging electric vehicles capable of transforming the capital into the “Italian city with the greatest number of columns and one of the first in Europe”; thanks to the agreement signed in April between Acea, Enel and the City of Rome, for those who move in an environmentally friendly way is with a view to a rosy future.

Do not underestimate the public transport service offered by the Agency for Mobility, which for many is the alternative more environmentally sustainable and economical way to get around the city. In this case, the authorities have decided to give a new impression “green” to the service offered by spreading trolleybuses and about 90 urban minibus powered by electric motors that take you through the historic center, to preserve the historical and cultural heritage and try to reduce the impacts of weather and aids in an area already congested.

Among the main objectives to boost mobility “green” part of the expansion of bike sharing service was born with admirable intentions as early as 2010 and made available in the major Roman villas. Later, he took the body the ability to implement the service assisted bicycles, introducing for the first time electric traction as user support. At Villa Ada and Villa Borghese has been developed the project “Roma-in-bike”, thanks to which the Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with Roma Capitale and Ducati Energia, has already made available some 90 electric bicycles.

Another noteworthy project was “Project ELEbici@Roma3”, where Enel Green Power has been involved in the initiative through the provision of 30 assisted bicycles, produced by Frisbee-TC Mobility and loaned for use at the University Roma Tre. Through the collaboration of an academic institution and a business reality, once revealed the centrality of the electric bicycle as a response to sustainable urban mobility, the project came to life in response to new requirements and improve the quality of life in the city.

Finally, it is still developing the “Plan Framework saddle”, which was approved at the Capitol in 2012 and which provides a real revolution in the field of transport links in the capital by 2020 should be fitted with 1000 km of cycle paths.

The City of Rome has given the Rome’s Mobility Services Srl the role of the support structure of the municipal administration for the implementation of the program of action for sustainable mobility.

There are many companies that have been involved to date by Roma Capitale and have submitted Travel Plans Home Work (PSCL), designed based on the analysis of the specific needs of employees and their places of residence, improving the quality of life and optimizing the logistics of moving the perspective of environmental sustainability.

Companies that have joined the manifesto of the Office of Sustainability Roma Capitale operating in the sectors of the economy, services, commerce and industry. The adhesions were accompanied by innovative proposals for electric mobility, with the main objective to outline new actions to be taken in the short and long term and to foster new modes of transport with low environmental impact.

From 16 to 22 September 2014 will be held the week of Sustainable Mobility, sponsored by the Agency for Mobility Services Srl Rome, where you can propose additional events and ideas.

All of the initiatives proposed in recent years represent a welcome change in the world of mobility policies on Italian territory, offer a new sustainable development and a strong acceleration to a new zero-emission mobility.

Souce: Agenzia per la Mobilità di Roma

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