Gartner: forecasts IT spending in 2014

The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast aims to provide informations on major technology trends affecting the markets hardware, software, telecommunications and IT services. IT spending remains stationary in view of a future global growth of 3.1% in 2014.

Increase in spending on client devices and software for service businesses. The greatest growth will be marked by applications of CRM and SCM with an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

Richard Gordon (managing vice president at Gartner ) adds: “a downward revision of the growth forecast for 2014 is by spending Telecommunications sector, whose services account for 40% of worldwide IT spending.”

The expected rate of growth , it ranks among the 1, 9 and 1 .2%. Several factors indicate a reduction in spending, a higher than expected growth of families who give up a fixed line, the decline in voice tariffs in China, a more careful use by European users. In the meantime, the providers must fight each other with blows of rates to keep the old customers and and capture new ones.”


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