Enterprises and digital roadmap

The study NetConsulting “CIO Survey 2014” promoted by Telecom Italy, Accenture and HP, highlights a growing awareness of the importance of digitization in business processes between 70 ICT managers of the private Italian companies. 

The investigation focused its analysis on the digital gap and how the Chief Information Officer may be able to drive within the company, engaging with new business lines and leveraging external technological stimuli.
Digital discontinuity showed a strong impact on companies, business models, on the production and management of the relationship with customers. The 92% of companies surveyed is starting new digital paradigms, the 40% already provides Digital Agenda Administration, a roadmap of initiatives to address the new digital paradigm. Other businesses are progressing through individual initiatives.
The most recurrent themes are the digitization of interior processes/workflow, mobile strategy, strategies on Social Networks, the ‘e-Commerce and Cloud Computing.
The responsibility in the definition of the Digital Business is entrusted mainly to the ICT function that deals with the technological aspects for the implementation of new solutions, the Marketing and Commercial instead seek to address the impact of the new trend towards new business models and sales channels. Digital discontinuity is designed to achieve the new business challenges that companies have indicated as priorities in 2014: among respondents in the top positions emerges improving relations with customers (58%) and innovation of products and services (52%), cost rationalization appears as a need is less urgent than in past years, a sign of a timid economic recovery. The ICT sector shows an increasing role for the achievement of these objectives and according to the 73% of CIOs surveyed adds value to the business and a better strategic asset.

Source: Corriere delle Comunicazioni

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