An organic and economic battery

Researchers of the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (California) have developed a battery organic water-based, long lasting and economical. Devoid of metals or toxic materials, is built with eco-friendly components and low cost, or quinones, (the molecules involved in photosynthesis that are found in plants, bacteria and some animals).

The flow battery of eco-development by researchers in California is able to provide 5000 charging cycles, much more than traditional lithium-ion batteries that have an average life of about a thousand charging cycles with production costs 10 times higher. The structure of the innovative and battery similar to that of fuel cells, with two tanks of electroactive materials dissolved in water. The solution is pumped into a cell containing a membrane between the two fluids with electrodes on both sides, releasing energy.

Once accumulated, the energy can be released quickly which is slowly, balancing the production of power plants to renewable energy sources, and allowing to increase the share of green energy in the national energy mix. Incidentally, to date, the energy storage systems represent a slice of the utmost importance for the development of renewable energy plants.

Source: Green Energy Journal

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