Brochesia and Vuzix – Enter into a Valued Added Reseller and Partnership Agreement

Brochesia , trademark of TransTec Services, a leading company specialized in the development of integrated software solutions for wearable devices, has signed a partnership agreement with Vuzix® Corporation(NASDAQ: VUZI), a leading supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses products in the consumer, enterprise and entertainment markets

The partnership will combine the advanced technology of Vuzix Smart Glasses with the increasingly performing software solutions developed by Brochesia. These solutions are designed to support business processes and to respond to corporate requirements through real time access to useful information needed for activities such as supervising, controlling, updating as well as for selective interventions in critical situations.

Claudia Simon, CEO of TransTec Services, has added: “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Vuzix, leading producer of devices such as Smart Glasses, the ideal partner to help us pursuing our innovative business model. We truly believe that the time has come to put together our know-how and the cutting-edge technology of wearable devices produced by Vuzix in order to create a new generation solution for wearable devices able to satisfy the continuingly growing needs of our customers”.

According to the agreement Vuzix will support Brochesia by supplying its smart glasses which are used in new projects.

Thanks to the Brochesia solutions such as B View, B Med, B Guard, B Media, B Learn and B Take allow the technicians operating on site, doctors, documentary filmmakers and in general all those who need remote assistance, logistics support or information in real time for carrying out their working activities will be able to rely on a better interaction with colleagues, customers and assistants while they are located in different geographic areas and will also be able to improve their professional performances and to reduce the error margin.

David Lock, Director of Operations, EMEA Region for Vuzix said, “Brochesia’s work with the M100 smart glasses is offering remote workers the ability to use digital, wearable devices in their everyday workplace.  Brochesia’s B View offering won the ‘Best Idea Challenge’ at the recent BeDigital Award and we, at Vuzix, are pleased to be part of that award winning offering. In addition we’re delighted to be partnering with Brochesia to deliver effective, efficient and useful wearable workplace devices and solutions.”

The partnership will offer various advantages, not only for the companies who are directly involved, but mostly for the customers who are now in a position to purchase Vuzix Smart Glasses Vuzix M100 including software solutions directly from Brochesia.



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