Tourist Italy is better than Italy

Sociometrica, according to the Expert System’s Cogito technology, has analyzed 218 thousand posts written in English made by people who have visited Italy for a trip in the past 12 months.

Technology has collected and analyzed thousands of comments that have appeared on Internet, creating a particular “mood” and “sentiment” as a result of it.

Tourist Italy is better than Italy: the general indicator of the “sentiment” towards Italy as a whole, calculated from 0 to 100, is now at the value of 62; in the case of Tourist Italy rises to 78. This result may seem obvious because tourism embraces all of the most beautiful parts of Italy, but not only, every trip must also be considered as an emotional investment where expectations are high and, in the face of a negative experience, the disappointment would be double.

The most pleasurable experiences lived by tourists are experienced in restaurants, pizzerias and squares, museums are valued for their contents, but unpopular for their lack of organization. The imagined tourist is different from the real one, the requests from our guests are much simpler than you imagine. The experience of every traveler becomes the basis of the whole knowledge of the perception our country. The overall results are high and encouraging, even if there are no similar researches in other countries, so to make a comparison could be difficult.

Source: Forum PA

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