Smart City: Summit ITU in Genoa

The great challenges, that in the coming years will be faced by all the cities in Europe are several, characterized and denoted by relevant keywords: energy efficiency, sustainability, pollution reduction, resource optimization, social innovation, smart community.

The smart cities are the places chosen to apply and develop the most recent ICT technologies. From 17th to 20th it will be held in Genoa the meeting “Smart Sustainable Cities”, organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Researches, mayors, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, associations and citizens are all invited to participate in this important event dedicated to smart cities. The first event on the agenda entitled “Transform” will be devoted to describe the project of the same name, it will be followed by the conference: “The city we want: smart and sustainable”, the conference will be closed by the appointment “Focus group on Smart Sustainable Cities”. Further studies will be introduced by Flavio Cucchietti of Telecom Italia, silvia Guzman of Telefonica and several other researchers and entrepreneurs coming from all over the world.

Source: Key4biz

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