Link4View and the “VERSuS” project

“VEtRofania Smart Services (VERSuS)”  is the project aimed at implementing a monitoring service of the regularity of specific commercial structures (travel agencies and tourism) thanks to Link4view, the new software application that allows you to view digital documents on the commercial structures in any time and in real time.

The new ICT solution uses Link4view (based on the recognition of 2-D image as well as on “Augmented Print Technology”) on a uniquely generated window decal and on a portal dedicated to the management of the documents associated with the Window decals.

This service could be an effective tool for Public Administration for the monitoring of accommodations, commercial or professional business. The new ICT solution can also be applied in other sectors creating further innovative services. It works in a simple and effective way: just take a picture at the window decal and if the image is on the server, you can view in real time a multimedia content on your smart-phone or tablet (video, audio or text).

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