Jdsu: “utenti LTE più estremi”

In the new study carried out by Arieso, a company specializing in network performance controlled by Jdsu, it has been revealed that LTE users take more advantage of bandwidth than of 3G; the 0.1% of 4G users consumes half of all the downlink traffic, compared to the 1% that on 3G networks attracts half of the incoming traffic.

Michael Flanagan (M.F.), CTO of the mobility division of Jdsu, says that LTE users, also known as “heavy users” are ten times more extreme than those who use 3G” and affirms that “On one hand the data of the study are scary, on the other hand they appear also reassuring, because when small cells are used, they are able to reach that single user per thousand, rather than one in every hundred.

Some other issues have to be addressed to make the small cell technology economically sustainable in open places, M.F. thinks that it will be useful to adopt a general overview in order to realize the benefits of small cells: the operators will have to focus not only on the costs of deployment, trying to minimize them, but also on the value, trying to maximize it.”

Jdsu also analyzes the handset from which more data are consumed : at the top of the list the Apple Smartphone.

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