VEtRofania Smart Services (VERsUS) is an innovative ICT solution that will facilitate the circulation, exchange and delivery of data and information between public administrations, businesses and citizens.

An effective tool for monitoring and control of commercial or professional.

The new solution, already used as a service for the control of regularity of specific commercial structures (Travel Agencies and Tourism), can be applied in various fields, creating further innovative services; the principle of operation is simple and effective: just take a picture of Window Decal (uniquely assigned to each commercial operation) and, if the image is present on the server, you can view on your Smartphone or Tablet information on the regularity of the commercial in real time.

"VEtRofania Smart Services" allows greater control and management of data ensuring their safety and transparency, allows the reduction of illicit, time and costs, facilitating the integration of information flows and collaboration between businesses and consumers.