Enters in the world of Industry 4.0 and digitizes your company 
TransTec Services, combines the specialized expertise in the ICT field,
provides innovative solutions and give value to your business


TTS News

Brochesia and Vuzix - Enter into a Valued Added Reseller and Partnership Agreement

Brochesia , trademark of TransTec Services, a leading company specialized in the development of integrated software solutions for wearable devices, ha...

Link4View and the VERSuS project

"VEtRofania Smart Services (VERSuS)”  is the project aimed at implementing a monitoring service of the regularity of specific commercial structu...

The conference at the Chamber of Deputies

On 28th April, TransTec Services has participated at the conference on "Accessible and Sustainable Tourism: the response of public and private en...

TransTec Services has obtained ISO 9001:2008

TransTec Services has reached an important target by receiving the Certification of the Company’s Management System. The Certificate represents an ad...


Latest News

TransTec Services - Festival ICT 2015

TransTec Services, always focused on the developement of innovative solutions, took part yesterday to the " ICT 2015 Festival ". An impor...

Internet of Things

To support current social changes, economic growth, Europe needs to turn increasingly toward open systems and platforms that require a need for cooper...

Europe 2030: new climate ambitions

The conference "Europe 2030. These are ambitious goals for fighting climate change and energy", organized by Greenpeace, Legambiente and W...

Gartner: 2015 anno del Computing Everywhere

Il "Computing Everywhere", l'"Internet of Things" e la "stampa 3D" sono salite sul podio nella consueta top 10 delle ten...

Lte advanced, video brain emotion

Fast, faster and faster, to hear about the technicians and strategists wireless networks Korean wonder: how can there be need of bits in the country ...

Renaissance of wind energy

The Italian innovation is also at the forefront in the fields of wind energy and clean energy. Enessere, Start Up of Brendola, has diversified its pro...




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  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge through teamwork
  • Assist the training of young employees, through apprenticeship programs
  • TTS care about improving the professional skills of its employees through a constant personal and professional growth

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